Järnsvenskan 2020


+++ June 13-14, 2020 +++ 23 registered teams (JTR) +++ register your team as well! +++ 

Järnsvenskan will happen in 2021 instead of in 2020 due to Swedish mesaures to slow down Corona infections. 

Voices from 2016/17 "I don't think think there's any other Jugger experience quite like it." – Jugger Ireland, 2016 "Thank you for hosting us (...)! IT WAS DELIGHTFUL. We met lots of amazing juggers, learned a ton, ate great food, and generally had a wonderful time. :D" – US Colorado Jugger on facebook, 2016 "This is quite the most genious tournament by location and atmosphere. At least in Europe :D" – German Jugger on facebook, 2017 "It's out of your hands, Uhu. We're all going to come anyway." – Jugger Germany, 2016 "… Rubenstock!" -- Jugger Ireland, 2016 "Excellent landscape, unique atmosphere" – German Jugger on facebook, 2017


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The Event

Järnsvenskan will happen again! More information will follow soon. Please register your team at the JTR, even if you are in the queue there's a fair chance that you'll be able to participate.

You will find the newsletters with details on this website, starting in January 2020! 

Please contact the head organizer if you have any questions.

The Team


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Järnsvenskan 2018: Thanks!