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About the Järnsvenskan festival

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A word from a happy owl

Welcome Juggers!
The Uhu UveliusWelcome to the first Jugger tournament and festival that has set it's claws into Swedish ground in 2013, and has continuously grown year by year – we started with 4 teams from two countries and got up to 22 teams from 5 countries this year, very close to the absolute maximum. When I organized the international part of the First German Open of the Jugger e. V. Berlin in 2008, I couldn't dream of once establishing a tournament, even a festival, that would draw so many enthusiastic Jugger players – many of whom coming back every year, others even from the US and Australia. A festival that would draw all those people to a remote gem of a place amidst beautiful lakes and woods, and typical red-white Swedish houses. What can a dedicated Jugger player wish for more?

Let me just say that I am very, very grateful to all of you fabulous Jugger players. A enormous Thank you to you – especially the players from Germany like Daniel who make it here almost every year; the unbelievably dedicated Irish, attaining every single tournament since 2014 with their teams, especially Ann Marie with her fantastic designs; my fellow Juggers at Järnboås IF and my otroligt duktig co-ledare Anders; and all you others who make this possible. You are great, folks! This is really the Jugger spirit by it's core.

Ruben, The Uhu Uvelius
founder and Ex-Captain of Falco jugger Berlin
founder and Captain of Järnboås Järnfalkar
Juggermaster zero of Sweden

The Glorious Winners

201822JärnsvenskanGurkentruppe (Berlin et al. /GER)
201719Järnsvenskan The Wild Geese (IR)
201614JärnsvenskanSilver Horde (GER)
201510JärnsvenskanEuere Lieblingsberliner (GER)
20144Metallsvenskan Jugger Turnering The Wild Geese (IR)
201341. Järnfalkar Metal turneringDeadly Wings of Steel (Berlin et al./GER)

About the Järnsvenskan annual Jugger event

Swedens first Jugger tournament has seen first light in 2013, at the Metallsvenskan music festival in Örebro, Sweden, organized by the sports club Järnboås IF. It then became Järnsvenskan through both an international Jugger tournament at Finnsjöstrand, a beautiful place in the small village of Järnboås, and Metallsvenskan, where Jugger has been presented every year since.
We received unparalleled interest by the Jugger community, with Germany, Ireland, Latvia and even USA and Australia battling it out with Swedish Jugger teams. In 2016, eight Swedish music bands joined in and played on the stage at Finnsjöstrand. In 2017, Järnsvenskan was host to 19 teams.
In less than a day, the Järnsvenskan 2018 festival has been overbooked by 24 teams from five different countries, of which 22 will be with us.
Teams over the years Also, the 2018 festival is divided in two parts: The Saturday/Sunday tournament, hosted by Järnboås IF, and the Saturday bands night, hosted by the Lindesberg part of Studiefrämjandet Örebro Värmland.
Rubenstock owl
The #Rubenstock owl created by the Irish Juggers in 2017.
Irish and German Juggers even baptized the tournament #Rubenstock, and Ambi design created the Rubenstock owl from an ancient animated gif Ruben used in some tutorials on Jugger.
If anything is unclear, don't hesitate to contact the head co-ordinator / event manager Ruben.

[ Download the #Rubenstock festival owl by Ann Marie Burke (eps) ]


Sveriges första juggerturnering gick av stapeln 2013, då på musikfestivalen Metallsvenskan i Örebro. Sedan dess har det blivit en återkommande tradition.
Turneringen blomstrar och sedan 2014 genomförs en internationell festival på Finnsjöstrand i Järnboås, Bergslagen. Lag från USA, Australien, Irland, Tyskland, Sverige och Lettland har tävlat på Järnsvenskan. Totalt 19 lag deltog 2017 och 22 lag i 2018.