Järnboås welcomes you to Järnsvenskan 2020!
Again, more then 22 teams have registered for this year's Jugger festival on the beautiful Swedish countryside. 
Järnboås Järnfalkar, the first Jugger team in Sweden, welcomes you to Järnsvenskan, the successor of the very first Jugger tournament at Metallsvenskan 2013. Our  typical Swedish lake offers a small beach and everything you need to really have a relaxing time. With hop-in-the-lake afterwards, Sauna and a nice fire in a great nature. As it seems, we will even have bands on stage on Saturday night like last year! Yes and as many duels as you wish. 
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General information

We will hold our tournament in Järnboås, the village where Jugger has started in Sweden, at Järnboås Idrottsföreningen. Finnsjöstrand  is a big place right at a wonderful lake with a bathing place, small beach, fireplace, Sauna, a scene, swings and slide :), typical Swedish red wooden houses and much, much space, so a typical Swedish place right in the wonderful nature of Bergslagen.
Järnboås is very active in terms of culture -- it even got an award from Stockholm, Ullbagge, for the engagement of it's inhabitants. 
There is both a gas station (credit card only, Diesel and Benzin 95) and a small supermarket-style shop, the Lanthandel, which should even be open on Sunday.

Team fees and payment deadline

The team fee remains the same as last year: 100:- kr (ca 10 Euro) per player. One Golden #Rubenstock Owl patch is included. 
Each team pays for 5 players (500 SEK) until the 6th of April to make the registration valid. You then can pay for more players separately at the event.  

Please transfer the fee to:
Järnboås IF
International: IBAN SE 86 8000 0819 1901 4106 1135
Inside Sweden: Kontonr. 8181-9, 14 106 113-5

If you have trouble with money transfer for some reason (like country-related transfer issues), just get in touch, we will find a solution.

Stuff included

We will have a sixpack of water for each team (refillable through the tap outside one of the houses). If it works out with the stage, there'll be free music again. Also, a BBQ grill is in place for  evening. 
Camping is free  on Finnsjöstrand.

Team list

23 teams have registered. We have 22 slots and registration is still possible, but usually one or two teams are going to hop off the train anyway so everyone should hopefully be able to attend. We'll come back after the deadline.

The organizingers 

Arrangör music: Hillstreet, Studiefrämjandet Lindesberg
In cooperation with: Projekt: Jugger i Sverige
International contact, questions, team bookings etc.:
Ruben, via Uv Järnfalk at Facebook, or through the contact form at 

Jugger Tournament timeline

Arrivals: Friday
Saturday: Matches and music on stage (planned)
Sunday: Matches and Finals 

Travel: To consider

If you come by public transport, you can take a bus Järnboås - Nora, and from/to there from/to the train station in Örebro, on Monday morning for example. On Sunday, you have to get private transport. We will do our best to help you out if needed, but be advised -- leaving on Sunday evening means dropping the really best part of the whole thing! Where to stay
If you have a tent or a camping car, you can stay at Finnsjöstrand for free. There should also the possibility to stay in  on of our bigger tents, we'll look into that. As for hotels, Åkerby Herrgård, a 5-minute ride by car, offers rooms. You can of course also stay longer at Finnsjöstrand. 
Contact us if you want to hire a stuga, a cabin around the village, there are many who hire out really nice cabins with everything you need. 

Getting there & away

A bus connection runs to Nora in the morning  and in the afternoon except on Sundays, from where a regular bus connection runs to Örebro. 


You can take a train from Örebro to Stockholm and Arlanda Airport. Book through, which is cheaper than the Svenska Järnvägen (SJ) trains.


That is an interesting question! See for a good impression, but prices there are not always correct. It can even be that calling the Ferry company gives you big discounts that are not on the net!
1. A short ferry connection but longer way to ride by car is Rostock-Gedser or Puttgarden-Rødby and then taking 
a.) the Öresund-bridge, which costs alsmost as much as the ferry per car. 
b.) Alternatively, instead of the bridge you can take Helsingør-Helsingborg. 
2. Long ferry trip: Rostock or  Travemünde <-> Trelleborg or Malmö. Alternatively to Göreborg. TT-Lines (sometimes cheaper) and STENA-Lines (sometimes nice discounts). Is not necessarily more expensive, but there are less connections; but you can travel by night if you wish (6-8 hrs). You save a lot of driving that way. We mostly took the night ferry so that we had enough "power" to ride the last 600 km from the ferry back to us in Sweden.   
There are often discounts for booking in advance or retour bookings. Note that you SHOULD really book the ferry because it might be overbooked if you just go there to buy your ticket there.  


From Germany: Look at Deutsche Bahn on the web under "Europa Spezial", Very good discounts there. You go to Mjölby, change to Tågkompaniet to Örebro. Sometimes it is cheaper to book to Stockholm but get off at Mjölby. Ferry included.


From Germany, Flixbus offers rides from Berlin and other places to Stockholm. Note that a journey can take quite some time (around 30 hours) but is cheap and should be readily available.


You should also be able to buy hamburgers and so forth during the afternoon, beginning at lunchtime (and, of course, we will do a BBQ ourselves after the tourney, bring your own meat/sausages/cheese/whatever).  One of us should be able to  bring a small supply of moose meat, from free and wild moose roaming the woods of Örebro län, ready for you to buy. Be warned, the supplies are likely to deplete quickly :)

What to see

Nora, 20 km from Järnboås, is one of the three historical »wood towns«, featuring a historical city center, an old steam engine railway station and sitting at a beautiful big lake. Nothing big but beautiful. See The biggest town is Örebro, where Metallsvenskan is located. 
For those who fancy hiking and beautiful Swedish nature, the area of Bergslagen, where Järnboås is located, is where you want to be! The Bergslagsleden (PDF) is not far from Järnboås, a path through the rocky, woody, stream-rich landscape of Bergslagen, with many places with fireplaces.
More information on Järnboås:
Where it is
Google maps:,+Sverige/@59.6462804,14.8992761,832m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x465c5424fe729579:0xa00fef5b28d3320
Finnsjöstrand and the way from Örebro to Finnsjöstrand/Järnboås. (c) Google Maps.

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